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What's been on my nails?


Just to kick off the regular blogging again, here's a short nail entry! I change my nail colour very often - not so much of toenails though. Here are some I managed to snap pictures of over the past month!


Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Hot Red


Urban Decay in Barlust - Don't you love the names UD comes up with? I do!


Urban Decay in Wrecked

These two UD polished are the miniature bottles from the Holiday Nail Kit 2011. They were a present from my girlfriends:)

photo credit: www.scrangie.com

The extremely shiny texture is thanks to Seche Vite topcoat. Nothing unheard of about how wonderful this topcoat is! I must say, though, that Seche Vite gets bloppy in the jar after sometime and it's not as easy to use and long-lasting compared to when it's first used. My nails tend to come off in big pieces rather than slight chipping.


Tony Moly nail polish (White)

A lot of my friends asked me how I did this without using a french tip sticker. Simple!

1) Use a toe clipper to get square nails

2) Use a pigmented white polish. It's not going to work with a watery one because you'd have to keep building up on the colour (and it tends to get messier if you have to keep applying repeated strokes)

3) Place the brush on the tip of your fingernail. Instead of swiping the brush, maneuver your finger from one side to the other, while keeping the brush at the same place throughout. Simply said, instead of moving the brush, move your finger! It may sound ridiculous, but it helps you get straighter lines :)

I applied three light coats in the picture above.


And the instagram-ed version of Barlust and Wrecked! Everything looks nicer instagramed, huh!

Follow me on Instag if you wanna and I'll follow you back ♥ It's more of my everyday pictures than anything beauty-related though! Username: elisenurasyidah

Hope you enjoyed this nail entry!


I've missed you!


It's been 3 months since I last posted something here! And to be honest, I do nothing more than check my emails, facebook and watch shows online. I can hardly find the luxury to sit behind my laptop to do anything else! This may sound dramatic, but I feel a portion of my life become meaningless when I stopped blogging! Not kidding. A major part of the hiatus is cos I was (still am) going through a transitional period, from school to a full-time career. So I had to channel all my focus on that while still figuring out if I was on the right track.

So in a gist, I was interning for 3 months and then, switched to another job (more-related to my passion) and am currently still in my 'orientation' period (nicer term than probation, hahah). I will be much more relieved once I'm confirmed of that, which is in another month's time so wish me luck :) As of now, I'm not allowed to say much about it.

Now that that's settled, with 2012 here, I vow to be more committed to beauty-blogging and to always be true to my passion. I don't like to use the word 'dreams' because somehow, it connotes something unachievable. Hence, a 'dream'. But that's just me! And with OnSugar sporting this new layout, which is more connected and social, I hope I can provide you a good, useful read in one way or another!

And of course, Happy Lunar New Year to my Chinese friends and readers!


Blog Sale: Pre-loved Makeup




NYX Mosaic Powder in Champagne (very pigmented & bronzey. only selling this cos I've smtg similar already) - Used 3x - $8

MAC 'A Little Bit of Sunshine' mineralized blush - dome shape still intact - $18

L'oreal True Match blush in Rosy Cheeks - Used 2x - $10




Maybelline Watershine Collagen gloss in P22 - used 3x - $7

Chanel Glossimer lipgloss in 128 - used 2x - $16

Revlon Colorburst in Soft nude - 80% left - $10




Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie Pore Cover - used 3x - $12

Maybelline Clear Sooth BB Cream - 80% left - $8

E.l.f Eye Transformer quad - used 8x or so - $4


Normal postage only. Item will be bubble wrapped and sent out the next day after payment is made. For registered post, please pay additional $2. Items will only be reserved for one day, so please pay by the next day :)

Transfer amount to POSB Savings 124-58-202-4 and PM me your reference number, time of transaction and mailing address. Thank you!


Fave Drugstore Mascara: What's yours?


Mascaras are called the magic wand because they can really open up your eyes, not only making them look more attractive, but fresh and attentive as well. Overdoing it, though (with major clumping!), may make your eyes look heavy or sometimes even inappropriate for work. For me, mascara is the second most important thing next to eyeliner as a form of 'basic makeup'.

And my fave drugstore mascara?

Maybelline Magnum Volume Express ($18.90). I bought the brown waterproof version this time. My HG drugstore mascara has always been L'oreal Collagene mascara ($22.90), but I find that costly to keep restocking each time. But Magnum is just as good, and I daresay slightly better in fact!

I picked brown cos I wanted a softer, less stark look. Same idea with choosing a brown eyeliner over black.

I have long lashes, but they hardly have any curl so I love that Magnum's best quality is its ability to hold. And a tip for longer lasting curl? Follow these steps!

1)  Eye makeup done. No mascara yet.

2) Curl your bare lashes starting from the base, middle then end, holding for 3 secs each time.

3) Apply a thin coat of mascara. Just one swipe so that it dries immediately.

4) Now curl your lashes again following the same base, mid, end method.

5) Apply a thicker second coat in a zig-zag upward motion.

6) Done! You can carry on adding more coats to your preference. But Magnum is volumizing enough so two coats is sufficient for me.

7) If you find that your eyes are now top-heavy, go on, apply on your lower lashes too! They need some attention too ;) Start with horizontal downward swipes.

8) Then, vertical downward swipes to reach the invididual lashes.

9) Now, you're really done! Strut along like you've had a full 8 hours of sleep, but actually it was only 4 hours! Make sure you conceal your dark rings sufficiently beforehand and you're good to go.

I absolutely love that the Magnum mascara gives the wispy lashes effect, rather than a clumpy effect. The holding power is a winner too! My lashes stay curled till the end of the day. The slight V-shape of the wand also helps to lift the lashes better :)

Nothing bad I have to say about this mascara, except that I wish the non-waterproof version offers this much hold! Waterproof versions naturally have better holding power than non-waterproof ones because of its high wax and oil content which hardens and helps retain shape. I am always too lazy to painstakingly remove every trace of mascara off with a proper makeup remover!

Thanks for reading. So what's YOUR favourite drugstore mascara?


LOTD: Classy Twist


I've been wearing a lot of this look, just switching up the colours on my waterline for that pop of colour. For this particular look that I photographed, I had purple on (UD's 24/7 Liner in Ransom). This eyeshadow look is very versatile. It looks nice with electric blue, lime green or just brown.

I would say that this classic eyeshadow look is like the "french manicure to your eyes" - minimalist, polished and never go out of style ;) And the "twist" I was referring to in the title, is that pop of purple! I'm sure you've already gotten it by now & I'm just rambling unneccessarily... :p

These are the base products I used, and currently in love with at the mo. The two products on the right are: Proof 10 Eye Primer & L'oreal True Match Concealer (the fonts have rubbed off after so long! hahah). I am excited to review the Baby Bloom Makeup Base from Holika Holika (extreme left), but I'll save that for another entry!

I used my 88 warm palette for this eye look, E.l.f studio blush in Peachy Keen & Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Fuschia. The rest are my staple items.

And matchy matchy nails! The Face Shop BK902.

I didn't paint this on especially to match my dress. I had it on for quite some time, hence the chipping. And I figured it so easy to get perfectly square nails - just use a toe clipper! I've heard about that tip before, but I never knew it makes so much difference compared to using the regular, smaller clippers for fingernails. So I never bothered buying! But you should try it, it cuts straighter!

Hope you have had a good weekend & ready to start a brand new week! I'm excited for raya! :) Have a good week all!


Review: Tony Moly Skin Care (Apples & Tomatoes for you?)


Hahah, excuse the loony pictures, but the packaging of these Tony Moly skin care products are too cute to not do a lame pose with :p They smell of what they look too - apples & tomatoes! These products, I believe, are available in Sg's Tony Moly (price is about $29). Both masks come with a spatula for hygiene reasons - which I regretfully disposed of.

First up is the Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Mask.

Its main ingredient is keratin extracted from green apples & papayas to provide exfoliation and moisture. It works like Ginvera Marvel Gel where the dead skin cells gets rubbed away. This, however, differs a little in its usage.

Step 1: Apply onto dry face, massage for two minutes. Step 2: Leave on for 10 mins or so. Step 3: Wet hands & rub off mask to exfoliate dead skin cells for two mins. There are no legible instructions on the label, but this is how I use it & find it works best. If you exfoliate right after applying the product, the mask is not dry enough to allow the dead skin cells to 'stick' to the mask.



I love this product! My skin feels smooth, deeply cleansed, yet moisturized. The process is quite a hassle though so I only use it when I have the free time (about once every 1-2 weeks). Love that my skin feels translucent & clean, without the need of a heavy duty clay mask which irritates my skin sometimes. I must say, though, Ginvera Marvel Gel (roughly $16) works as well as this. This one just smells better & is more moisturizing.

Next is Tony Moly's hot seller, the Tomatox Brightening Mask.

Its main ingredients are Vitamin A & lycopene (anti-oxidizing agents in tomatoes). Step 1: Massage gently onto face for about 2 mins. Step 2: Wait for 10 mins for the whitening effects to kick in. Step 3: Wash off with water. What's lovely about this mask is that it has beads in it that burst as you massage. Literally bursting with goodness.



The first three times I used this mask, I loved it so much because it made me face two shades lighter. The effect was instantaneous - no kidding! I remember one time, after I've washed my face with this, I woke my dorm mate up just to ask her, "Is it just me, or is my face super fair now?" And in her deep slumber, she just burst out laughing on and on. She said my face looked so much fairer than my neck. I was soooo happy!

Then I realized, after several more usage, it doesn't work anymore. Yes, my skin does get lighter, but not that apparent as the first couple of times. And the fairness just last for a mere 2 hours or so. I don't even know what's the logic behind that! There's no bleaching agent though, in case you're wondering. The only time I'll use this is if I have a special event coming up and I need that extra radiance & brightness to my face. I still love this product though, but it's farrrr away from being a HG item. Ever.

Conclusion: I used both masks today before meeting my friends for a girls' night out & my skin was radiant the whole night even till I get home. I guess with both, they work as a charm. But if you have to choose, get the Appletox! It serves much better :)

I'll post up my LOTD in another entry tmr, this is getting too lengthy! Thanks for reading!


Review: Holika Holika Peach Girl BB Cream


Hi, all!

This BB cream is from my collective Korea haul, but this product is available in Sg too (SGD32.90 @ Wisma Atria). Holika Holika in Korean basically means beauty-holic - repeated twice. I realized HH products have really high SPF levels, which can both be a good and bad thing. And their products are sweet-smelling. If you can't tolerate scented cosmetics, then skip Holika Holika products. I personally love the smell actually!

I'm wearing both the BB cream & the blush cream provided. FYI: BB creams work best with cream blushers as both are of creamy consistency therefore 'stick' on each other longer, and better, without 'sliding' off.


With flash:


No flash:



  • SPF 37 PA ++ is really high, so you can safely skip your sunblock
  • Great coverage for pores & redness on face (sore skin and mild pimples)
  • Dries down to a lightweight, smooth dewy finish
  • Good lasting power (6-7 hours) with powdering of face
  • Comes with a universally flattering peach lip/cheek cream with a mirror too - super pigmented, by the way ;)
  • Easy squeeze tube that you won't oversqueeze!



  • High SPF means its not ideal for flash photography (visible white cast) - noticeable in my pictures above taken with flash. I must say, though, it gets much better after the BB cream oxidizes after an hour or so.
  • Moisturizing properties might not be suitable for people with very oily skin
  • Sweet scent may put off some people
  • Cream cheek/lip colour is too drying to be used on lips, but works perfectly on cheeks!


After a day out (7 hours), touched up with pressed powder twice throughout the day

Overall, I feel this is a good BB cream to have on days which I feel I need the extra lightweight feel. It doesn't make my face feel sweaty - and trust me, I sweat a lot on my face, so that says a lot! That's a reason why I don't like liquid foundations :p I won't say it's a product you should go running in the stores to buy, but if lightweight + dewy are what you're looking for, then you should give this a go :)


Giveaway Winner is....


These are the valid entries for this giveaway:

1) Lynn
2) Maiira
3) Lydia
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11) Michelle
12) Bettina
13) Chacha
14) Lynn
15) Farah
16) Verlyn
17) Eliza
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20) Lynn

And lucky number 20 is,


L Y N N !



Congrats babe! Check your onsugar inbox! :) Thanks all for the warm response in participating in my first-ever giveaway! xoxo


My Virgin Giveaway - Love all the way from Korea!


While going trigger happy buying all the beauty products in Korea, I thought I should share some love with my readers too! It ain't much, but these are the stuff that particularly caught my attention. So I hope the lucky winner will adore them too:)

From Etude House: Pomegranate Face Mask, False Eyelash (Volume), Two Nail Polishes & Oh! My Eye Lash Mascara (Volume)

From Holika Holika: Petit BB Cream (Watery) 

(My cute soft toy keychain is there for photography purposes only, hehe. Not included in giveaway!)


This BB Cream is quite a hit in Sg, so I grabbed it for anyone who wants to try. I know Charlene ever reviewed on this BB cream range, you can read her entries here.

I personally love these muted purple & tea rose shades!


To participate, you just need to be a follower of my blog! Comment below & type "I WANT IT!" along with your name, blog & email address. Just like so:-



Blog url:

Email address: 


This giveaway closes this Sunday, 21st August at midnight. Winner will be picked by Random.org & announced the following day. I will post out the goodies to you. Good luck!

Edit: Oh I forgot to add! You can enter once a day till Sunday! Sorry for that missing information.


Korean Cosmetics - My Happy Buys (well, not all.)


Before I go on, I apologise for the glaring flash on some photos cos I took the pictures at night. I always wanna make it a point to take good photographs! But I've been so busy in the afternoons :(

So, these are the humble buys I brought over from my Korea Summer Abroad trip! It's seriously not many, considering I was in the birthplace of cosmetics & beauty. I only bought stuff that I know I would wear. I won't be providing swatches/reviews in this entry cos there's too many products at one shot. I'll just be mainly listing down the product names, most of which are from Holika Holika, Tony Moly & Etude House.


  • Cosmetics:


    L-R: Holika Holika Peach Girl BB Cream, Holika Holika Baby Bloom Base, Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Concealer, Holika Holika Pressed Powder, The Face Shop Face it Mascara, Etude House Oh~ my Eye Lash mascara, Tony Moly Lip Tint, Etude House Proof 10 Aqua Tint & Tony Moly Party Lover Liquid Eyeliner


  • Skin Care:


     L-R: Tony Moly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream, Tony Moly Tomato Brightening Mask & Laneige Water Sleeping Pack


  • Hair Care:
  • <p> 

L-R: Missha Procure Silky Coating Hair Essence & Skin Food Applemango Volume Essence Mist


I bought a lot of nail polishes too, but I'll feature them along as I have them on my nails. I don't have the patience to do the countless swatching and then removing :O 

I am pretty sure almost all of these products are available in Singapore too, albeit the much steeper prices! I've been loving and religiously using some of these products. I will post another entry on my daily base makeup using some of these stuff. I won't be reviewing/swatching on every single one though, unless I really have something to say about it, or if any one of you request for it! :)


And a couple of nail designs I was doing while bored in my dorm abroad!

This nude, malt colour (Etude House) looks nice on its own, doesn't it?

But look at this! Intricate flower stickers from EH as well. I am not sure if these stickers are available in Sg though.


Slanted yellow manicured tip with flower details


Thanks for browsing, catch you guys soon! ♥

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